Veterans OutReach of Mississippi

About Veterans OutReach

Veterans OutReach is a non-profit entity established in the year 2000 exclusive for charitable purposes and is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. We are an all volunteer group and we operate solely on grants, donated funds and monies generated by fund raising events held by our volunteers. With the communities help over the years, we have purchased for the MS State Veterans in Collins, MS.

• Clothing and Personal Care Items
• Refrigerators and Freezers
• Special Mattresses for Paralyzed Veterans
• Computers & a Grand Piano
• Couches, Recliners and Other Furniture
• Lawn & Patio Furniture
• 27 Beautiful Dining Tables
• 50 Matching Dining Chairs

To further enhance the comfort of the home in additions to the therapy bath tubs, shower chairs and gurneys previously purchased, in 2014 Veterans OutReach purchased four special beds for our “tall and large” veterans at a cost of $2,350 each and one portable oxygen concentrator at a cost of $2,555 for our veterans who still have their motor skills but have a need for full time oxygen supply.. In the year 2015 Veteran OutReach purchased three blanket warmers at a delivered and installed cost of $17,300. Also in the year 2015 Veterans OutReach purchased a powerful nine quart food processor for pureeing our elderly veteran’s food at a coast of $3,900. And for viewing movies and other special events on a 199 inch screen a Media Center was purchased at a delivered and installed cost of $11,300.


Filling the Gap

In order not to show preferential treatment Veterans OutReach offers their goods and services through the nursing facility to all of our veterans. Working with the staff of the home we are informed of the needs and then we endeavor to supply them. Therefore, those who are in dire need are supplied without suffering injury to their dignity. For personal contact our volunteers make regular visits to each of the residents to create a bond of friendship and to express our love, appreciation and respect for each of them.