Veterans OutReach

Mission Statement

The MS State Veterans Homes are state owned and operated facilities. They are beautiful homes with a capacity to house 150 residents each at a current cost of about $50 per day to each resident for room and board.

Many of the veterans arrive at these Homes medically indigent and in need of clothing and other necessities of life. Some are very aged and have no family to visit, comfort or help them in any way.

Our elderly veterans are among the most forgotten, therefore the most neglected, of all our veterans. Veterans OutReach is an all volunteer group primarily formed to provide aid and comfort and an atmosphere of caring for our elderly and disabled veterans residing in the Ms. State Veterans Homes. Our mission is to provide spiritual guidance and counseling and to furnish goods and services and financial relief not otherwise supplied by the State of Mississippi and/or other government agencies. Our services also include veterans not residing in veteran homes when proper volunteer personnel and/or proper equipment are available and funds permit.

We have worked with the administrative staff of these homes beginning in the year 2000 – they inform us of the needs and we endeavor to supply them.

We operate solely on donated funds. We have no paid officers or any other paid employees; therefore these donated funds are used for the aid and comfort of our deserving veterans.

All donations to Veterans OutReach are eligible for tax exemption on your IRS tax returns. With your help we can continue to provide goods and services to these deserving veterans.

Thank you for your help,

James C Sanford
Chairman of the Board of Director

Board of Directors